Edward Goode II

Virginia FlagEdward Goode is our generation of Goodes fifth great grandfather. He is the second generation American Goode. He is son of Edward Goode I my immigrant ancestor.

Edward Goode II was born before 1680 in Henrico County, VA, on the north side of the James River in the Four mile Creek area and died there on November 16, 1761(date his will was probated).  He Married Agnes Cole before January 27,1701 (and I have not been able to learn anything about her).  Edward II signed a certificate of acknowledgment of marriage on this date at the Quaker meeting house at Curles. This is evidence that Edward II was a Quaker.

Our British ancestors imported and adapted their native country’s traditions of common law which included the concept that the king was sole owner of land in the colonies.  This necessitated their receiving from the crown a grant to use the land in return for a duty (tax) owed the king. Edward II received three such grants which included 1,125 acres.  There are several records that indicate this ancestor was a man of respect and trust.  In a lawsuit between John Woodson and Edward New, “the sheriff is commanded to impanel a Jury of good and lawful men of this country to try this issue,” and Edward II is named to this Jury. Other records that reflect his respect are those that report his appointment “to survey, to do inventory and make appraisement of all the land between Baily’s Run and Four Mile Creek.”  Surveying was a function of the parish and was required by law to be done every four years and was intended to settle property disputes .

Edward II was an educated man and signed his name on all legal documents.

After the death of his first wife, Agnes Cole (who was the mother of all his children}, Edward II married the widow Elizabeth Woodson Morton in 1740.  Elizabeth was the widow of Thomas Morton and they were the parents of five children including Judith, who will be important in the life of Edward Goode III.  Elizabeth was the granddaughter of Dr. John and Sarah (Winston) Woodson, one of the very first families to establish a home in Virginia.

Edward was a man of ample means, a planter of the old school and his sons were family educated. married into the best of neighboring families and occupied positions of prominence. He was probably one of the first to ship tobacco from Richmond wharves to England

Edward Goode II owned a tobacco plantation, so we assume that he also owned slaves.

The known children of Edward Goode II and Agnes Cole are:

Agnes Goode (b. about 1704)

Margaret Goode (b. about 1706)

Edward Goode III (b. about 1708, maybe as early as 1705)   We are the decendents of this child of Edward Goode and Agnes Cole

Joseph Goode (b. about 1710, maybe as early as 1705)

These four names: Agnes, Margaret, Edward and Joseph have been used through generations in naming Goode Children.

Edward Goode Grant

SAR Edward Goode


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