Edward Goode l

P500475_121_160My surname is Goode or Good, I find it both ways. I am a descendant from Edward Goode the immigrant. Edward Goode was born in 1647 in Cornwall England. He came to America and arrived in Virginia about 1665 and settled in the Four Mile Creek area of Henrico County, Virginia, on the northeast side of the James River (in what is today known as Varina, near Richmond). He was from Tempsford, Bedfordshire, England. In 1664 he was listed as a Norfolk Circuit prisoner. He was about 17 years old and we dot know what crime he was accused of.  It couldn’t have been very serious because he was reprieved to be sent to Barbados.  Upon being reprieved, he was pardoned of the crime he had been accused of. Edward was transported from Barbados to the colonies as an indentured servant of Solomon Knibb. Mr. Knibb paid his passage and Edward was obligated to be his servant for five to seven years.

Edward was born about 1665 in England and was about 20 years old when he came to Virginia.  He married Margaret Horner. Margaret was the daughter of Havaliah Horner and his wife Margaretta. Havaliah was a minister in Charles County, Virginia, as early as 1664. Havaliah died sometime before 01 Sept 1677 when Margaretta Horner, his wife was appointed executrix of his will. Margaret Horner was an older daughter and had married and left home before her father, Havaliah Horner, died. She did not receive any money from the settlement of his estate.*(Henrico Co, Wills and Deeds 1688-1697, pg 129, dated 2 Jun 1690). In a deposition made in 1678 Benjamin Hatcher was being sued by Margaret Goode for payment for curing his hand. This would lead to believe that Margaret was a healer.

In the court of 1677 Edward made a deposition about tobacco being lost due to a lack of housing. This appears to be a clue to Edward’s occupation. He may have been the manager of a tobacco warehouse or a tobacco farm manager.

Edward died after 1708…this the date of his last known signature.

We do not know who Edward’s parents were, but dna testing confirms that he shared an ancestor with John  Goode who lived on the south side of the James River and arrived in the colonies about 7 years before Edward.

The known Children of Edward and Margaret are John Goode born prior to 1679; and Edward Goode born prior to 1680.

Edward Goode (1647 – 1722)
6th great-grandfather

Edward Goode II (1690 – 1761)
son of Edward Goode

Edward Goode III (1719 – 1796)
son of Edward Goode II

Joseph Goode (1745 – 1828)
son of Edward Goode III

Thomas Goode (1791 – 1858)
son of Joseph Goode

Joshua Goode (1828 – )
son of Thomas Goode

Charles K Goode (1877 – 1946)
son of Joshua Goode

Ben Cates Goode (1909 – 1980)
son of Charles K Goode

                                                             Evelyn Deloris Goode                                                                                                                     Daughter of Ben Cates Goode


One thought on “Edward Goode l

  1. Hello. I have just found your interesting article regarding Edward Goode 2. I am also related to the Goode family through Edward Goode 2’s brother, John Goode. Further down the line,Rev John Goode is one of my DAR patriots. I have all the documentary proofs up to John Goode but am unable to find proof that Edward and John are the sons of Edward 1, the immigrant. Have you had any luck with this? Thank you.


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