Joseph Goode

Joseph GoodeTree Joseph Goode was born in 1745 in Amelia, North Carolina. His parents were Edward Goode III and Judith Morton Goode. When he was about 20 years old in 1765 he married Patsy Redford, she was born in 1740 to John Redford Jr. and Mary Cocke Redford. According to the 1790 census he was living in Rutherford, North Carolina, presumably living close to his bothers, John, Thomas and Richard Goode also his mother Judith. Joseph was a land owner with slaves and at one time they numbered 12. As I search through the records of my ancestors and come to the realization that almost all my ancestors had slaves and it saddens me. I only pray that they were good and generous men and were gracious and kind to the families that worked for them. 

Joseph seemed to be very close to his brother Thomas as they are listed together on bank records and other business dealings He was also a witness to Joseph’s will.

Joseph’s and Martha’s children were:

Abraham Goode 1774-1860

Nicholas Goode 1780-1860

Thomas Goode 1791-1858 Our ancestor

Sarah Goode1788-1870

Below is a copy of a land grant.

Joseph Goode land Grant.jpg

Joseph Goode Pay Revolutionary Voucher

Above is a pay voucher for service in the Revolutionary War.                                          Joseph is my 3rd great grandfather.



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