Thomas Goode

Thomas Goode War of 1812

Thomas Goode was my 2nd great grandfather and I know very little about, although, I have done a lot of research. I know that several places he lived the courthouse have burned and destroying valuably records I do know that he was born February 8, 1791 to Joseph Goode and Mary Redford Goode. Thomas and his brother Nicholas Goode both married Daughters of William Bibb Key and Mourning Clark Key. Nicholas Goode married Martha Key and Thomas Goode married her sister Margaret Key in 1845 at Oglethorpe. I am sure that later in life there was friction between the two sisters because I their  fathers will he left only $1.00  to five of his daughters besides what else he had already given them. Margaret was one of the five that received only $1.00 but Martha was not listed So she benefited from the inheritance from ther father. ( Oh how I wish I could go back in time and know the real truth) The will was later contested . In  one of the census it list Thomas’s wife Martha instead of Margaret which is a common mistake and I know that sometime Margaret’s are referred to as Martha, however, trying to use this document for application into DAR it was a problem.

Thomas was a land owner and a farmer he also served in the war of 1812               Fold3_Page_1_Index_to_Compiled_Service_Records_of_Volunteer_Soldiers_Who_Served_During_the_War_of_1812 *  Joseph Terrell Goode 1818          *  Listed are the children of Thomas and Margaret

James Clark Goode 1820

John Martin Goode 1826

Joshua Marion Goode 1828   This is our ancesor

Jabez Wootson Goode 1829

William Bibb Goode 1833

Martha Mildred Goode 1835

Thomas Died August 12, 1858 Oglethorpe, GA










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