Charles “Charley” Key Goode

My Grandfather

Charles Goode youngCharlie Goode when he was about 23 or 26.

Charles Goode OldCharlie Goode as I remember him. From now forward he will be refered to as “Poppa Goode” He was born in Pickens Georgia in 1877 to Joshua Goode and Angelina  Harris Goode. He and other members of his family worked for the Tate Marble Company in Pickens, Ga. But sometime between the age of 23 to 26 he came to Knoxville TN and I suppose it was to follow the marble. Knoxville had several marble quarry’s and he worked at both Gray Knox Marble and Appalachian  Marble Company until he retired. At age 26 he married Mattie Abbott Whittaker a widow with eight children some of which were old enough to not bring into the marriage.  He had two Children with Mattie. Nora Kay Goode and my father Ben Cates Goode.  Mattie died when my dad was eighteen months old, leaving Poppa Goode to care for all the children. He married again to Minnie Weaver “Momma Goode” in 1911. My memories of him are so vivid. He was a big man (not in weight) but tall and I remember his hands being so big that my hand got lost in his. He was a stern man but also could smile and be gentle with his grandchildren. He had a black and white dog named Bouzer that was always by his side.

Poppa and Momma Goode lived in a beautiful Craftsman house that was next door to my school, West View Elementary.  I was always telling the other children “that’s where my Momma and Poppa Goode live”. We lived about a mile away and mom would walk my brother and I to school of the morning and Poppa Goode would bring us home in the afternoon. After school we would go to their house and I remember Poppa Goode walking on a cane and taking my hand or I would hold to one of his fingers as we walked. I would go with him to the basement to stoke the furnace then we would go to the garden and pick what he called tommie toe tomatoes, which now I know are called grape tomatoes.  I would hold out the skirt of my little dress to carry our bounty. After we did that we would take them to Momma Goode and she would always brag on how many we had. By then it was time to take my brother and I home because our mom and dad had gotten home from work.  He had an A model Ford with a rumble seat in the rear and we would beg him to let us ride back there and if the weather was good he obliged. We waved at everyone if we knew them or not.A model Ford Not many people owned a car back then.

Then my Poppa Goode got sick and when I went there I wasn’t allowed to go in the room because I might disturb him so I sat outside his door. My Momma Goode would always prepare dinner on that cook stove that was very modern. It was black and chrome and had enamel handles and the thing that fascinated me the most was that warming oven on the top. She would put Poppa Goode’s food in there until he felt like eating.

My Poppa Goode died when I was in the third grade I was devastated. I still walked to school and stopped there after school but there was no more stoking the furnace and picking tommie toes, my aunt Mary would be the one to take us home. I so loved my aunt Mary. She took over after Poppa Goode died to make sure that we were taken care of. My Momma Goode lived until I was an adult and lived with her Daughter Mary.  I feel so thankful that we always remained a family, the eight children that were brought into the marriage, my dad and his sister and the two girls that Poppa and Momma Goode had together Ruby and Mary. We are all family never thought anything differentCharles Goode earnings recordMileagge Ration Charles Goode



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