Oscar Bowman

Grandpaw Bowman

Grandpa Bowman

The Bowman branch of my tree is very small because I have hit a brick wall. My great grandfather Charles Bowman   used an alias and my grandmother Rebecca Stanton was born out of wedlock.  That pretty much brings me to a halt but I keep looking. I never asked my grandfather anything about his parents because they had been dead for awhile before I was born.

OSCAR BOWMAN my grandfather married REBECCA STANTON and they had nine children together.

Edna Bowman 1908-1966

Hazel Bowman 1909-

Carletta Bowman 1910-1997  ***My mother married Ben Cates Goode

Ruth Bowman 1912-           she married Joe Townsend

William Preston Bowman 1913-1973

Floyd Bowman 1914-1986 Gladys Bowman

Steve Ellis Bowman 1918-1967 he married Ruth Bowman

Billy Pearl Bowman 1921-2003she married Henry Sripling

Leona Christine Bowman 1928-2005 she married Earnest Thomas

I remember going to my grandpa and grandma Bowman’s house ad they had no electricity or running water and we had to go to the outhouse to use the bathroom. They were farmers of sorts but just enough to get by. We would sleep upstairs on beds that had what was called straw tics, that was a stripped fabric filled with straw that would serve as a mattress.  I can remember helping grandma churn butter and then she would put them into wooden molds to harden in the spring house. breaking beans was a thing that we all did together sitting on the back porch. Memories of that house are vague because I was very young.  Then I remember that my grandma became ill and moving to Detroit, Michigan so that her daughters who lived there could care for her. After that grandpa moved into a mobile home and became a gardener for a very prominent attorney in town and worked there until he was up in years. My aunts would come home in the summer and bring grandma but I don’t know that she ever saw grandpa again. She passed a few years later and was brought back to Knoxville, TN to be buried.

My fondest memory of my grandpa was that he played the banjo and all of us kids would sit around and sing. Now that I am older I wished I had asked him to tell us stories about his childhood and his mother and daddy.

Oscar and Rebecca Bowman and Children                           GRebecca and Oscar Bowman

Rebecca Bowman





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