Richard Reason Reagan 2nd great-grandfather

Reason Reagan

Richard Reason Reagan my 2nd great grandfather

Richard Reason Reagan was born on November 12, 1830, in Sevier, Tennessee, to Nancy Ogle, age 20, and Daniel Wesley Reagan, age 27.
12 Nov 1830 • Sevier, Tennessee, United States

When Sarah Bohannon-Reagan was born in 1830 in Sevier, Tennessee, her father, Henry, was 27, and her mother, Catherine, was 23. She married Richard Reason Reagan on October 20, 1853. They had two children during their marriage. She died as a young mother in 1854 in her hometown, and was buried in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Nancy Elizabeth Reagan b. July 24, 1889; died September 19,1931***Our ancestor.

Mary Ann Reagan b. March,22 1931 Sevier County TN; died October 6, 1931 buried in Sevier County, Tennessee.

He married Martha Hurst  July 12, 1856 In Sevier County Tennessee and they had eight children together. Martha died in 1878.

Tilman L. Reagan 1857-1913

Richard Reason and Martha Hurst



Fletcher Luther Reagan 1859-1934

Daniel Wesley Reagan 1860-1861

Martha Ellen Reagan 1862-1888

Richard R Reagan 1866-1867

Louis A “Lewis” Reagan 1868-1900

Rhonda Malinda Reagan 1870-1943

Charetz Hammer “Kay” Reagan 1873-1957


He married Sarah Caroline Bradley June, 9,1878 in Sevier County Tennessee they had two children together.

Lillie Lila Reagan 1880-1964

Lille Reagan

Lillie Reagan

Anna Jane Reagan 1881-1952

The Sugarlands

The first European settlers arrived in the area around 1800, settling in the vicinity of what would eventually become Gatlinburg. Richard Reagan and William “Black Bill” Ogle –children of these early settlers–farmed land along Mill Creek (now LeConte Creek) in the eastern half of the Sugarlands. Richard Reason Reagan, sometime after the Civil War moved his home to the Sugarlands. He enlisted September 16,1862 in Company E, 2nd Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry. A commissary sergeant. He was discharged July 5, 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee.

Richard Reason served the district for many years as a Justice of the Peace and as a tax collector. He was the county sheriff from 1870 to 1874. When the Gatlinburg Post Office in 1856 by the U.S. Postal Department he served from December 12, 1871 to July 10, 1883 as postmaster.

Sevier County Jail

Sevier County Jail

Richard R. Reagan died April 17,1912 in Sevier County Tennessee and is buried in the Ownby Cemetery.


4 thoughts on “Richard Reason Reagan 2nd great-grandfather

  1. Doing DAR research for application and need proof of Mary Ann Reagan as daughter of Richard Reason Reagan from some documentation. We think her birth was 22 MAR 1851. Can you share your research?


    • Patricia, I don’t have any documentation on Mary Ann. The only thing that I have is a 1850 census that list Sarah Bohannon and Richard Reason Reagan as married. They were 20 years old and had my great grandmother Nancy Elizabeth she was listed as 1 year old. Mary Ann was born in 1851 and Sarah died shortly after that. She was 24 years old, Mary Ann married Ephriam Ogle if you could find a death certificate it would have her fathers name on it. I found Nancy Elizabeth’s and it had Richard Reason listed as father. I am sorry I can’t be of more help. If you need to e-mail me my e-mail is


  2. I am sorry but I cannot produce proof although, I know she was Richard Reason Reagan and Sarah Bohannon’s daughter.
    My great grandmother Nancy Elizabeth was her sister. Nancy is listed on the 1850 Census as being 1 year old and Mary Ann wasn’t born until 1851. I have tried to connect Sarah to her father Henry Bohannon he was a Revolutionary soldier as well. Sarah died at 24 just after Mary Ann was born. I am in the D.A.R. through Timothy Reagan and if Nancy Elizabeth’s name had not been on that census along with Richard and Sarah I would not have had any proof. I plan on going to Sevier County to the Court house and do some digging for Sarah and maybe I will find something on Mary Ann as well. I know that she married Ephriam Ogle and if you could find a death certificate it would have her fathers name on it.
    Sorry That I could not be more help. If you would like to e-mail me my e-mail is


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