Rev Absalom Abbott 2nd great-grandfather

Absalom AbbottRev. Absalom Abbott and Ennis Stillwell came from North Carolina to Tuckaleechee (Townsend, Tennessee at Present), Blount County, Tennessee about the year 1824 Their first child John was born in Tennessee according to the 1850 census of Sevier County, Tennessee. Annis was eighteen years old and Absalom was twenty-one when John was born.  Absalom’s ancestors were Irish and Protestant, his father was the first generation of the family to live in America. Absalom had a sister who married a Galloway.

During his life Absalom returned many times to North Carolina to preach the gospel. His denomination was the Primitive Baptist.

Absalom and Annis lived most of their lives in Tuskaleechee, where he established a Primitive Baptist Church in Tuskaleechee Cove. The church was located at the site of the Brickey Cemetery. Absalom preached here as long as he lived. He also pastored the Stock Creek Baptist Church, Knox County, Tennessee for two years.

Perry Abbott, who lives in Tuckaleechee Cove, is a great-grandson of Absalom and remembers him. He said that Absalom was not only dedicated minister but a farmer, a mill-wright and a shrewd businessman. Absalom lived during the pioneer period of our state when it was necessary for one to be self-sustaining . He met this condition successfully.

His sons, John and Franklin were in the civil war, both serving Co. B 6th. Tenn. Inf. of the Federal army. Noah may have been in the civil war but as yet, his records have not been located.

In about 1867 Annis was bitten by a copperhead snake and died.

Absalom married Elizabeth Brickey, who was in her 50s. The Abbott grandchildren called her “Granny Betts”.

Absalom and Elizabeth owned a farm in Millers Cove, where they lived until he grew to old to keep their home going. His son John built a home for them in the yard of his home in Tuckaleechee Cove and took care of them. Absalom died when about eighty-two years old and is buried by his first wife Annis in the Brickey Cemetery.

Elizabeth continued to live in the house that John had built as long as he lived. Sometime after his death she went to Alvin Walker’s home to live. She died in 1896 and is buried in Miller’s Cove Cemetery, Blount County, Tennessee


Marriage of Absalom Abbott and Ennis Stillwell.

They had ten children.

John Andrew Abbott 1825-1887   **Our Ancestor

Counselor Abbott 1827

Naomi Lucinda Abbott 1829-1891                                           Naomi Lucinda Abbott Tipton

Mary Ann Abbott 1832-1913

Benjamin Franklin Abbott 1833-1926

Noah Jackson Abbott 1836-1921

Young Male Abbott 1938-1840

Infant Male Abbott 1838-1838

Julia Ann Abbott 1844

Pleasant Abbott 1852-1918









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