Sale of Daniel Wesley Regan Farm To Nora Ogle

According to Donald B. Reagan’s Reagan-Ogle geneaology book, Daniel accumulated extensive land holdings in Gatlinburg between 1824 and 1872 including 600 acres up both sides of the Little Pigeon River to Two Mile Branch, another contiguous +640 acres, followed by 1000, 600, and 4000 acres on Roaring Fork.  Most of this land was divided among his children.  He did donate some land that provided the oldest part of the White Oaks Cemetery near the center of Gatlinburg.  He also furnished the meeting house for the village which was used for the school, church, and for voting.  It was located at the lower end of the “lane” now Reagan Lane.  During his lifetime, he moved his family from farm to farm.  He was a blacksmith and built the first wagon in the community, and later carried the mail between Gatlinburg and Cashiers Valley, NC. Noah Ogle (1833-1897) bought or was given 100 acres of land in the middle of what is now Gatlinburg, from his father-in-law Daniel Westly Reagan in 1866. Noah had married Sophia Reagan in 1854. He had been discharged from his military service one year before he bought the land.  At the time, he and Sophia had 5 children.(Served in Union army, as a pvt in Co E, 2nd TN Cav Volunteers from 1862 till July 1865)  The farm lay between Baskins Creek and Reagan Lane on both sides of the river, now the center of Gatlinburg.  In the 1870 census, he is lilsted as a grocery merchant.  The store he started was still operating 100 years later, and as of 2008, the land is still owned by his descendants, being some of the most valuable land in the county. The store was apparently passed into the hands of their son, Ephraim E. Ogle (1856-1936), And then to Charles A Ogle who married Hattie Mae Maples, in November 1917.  (GF West Reagan told me he and Hattie were a “little sweet” on each other but he was not ready to marry and so she found and mararied Charlie Ogle.)  The store was owned by Charles Earl Ogle in the mid 20th century and the property was remodeled sometime between 1965 and 1985.

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