Joseph Abbott 6th Great Grandfather

Virginia Flag


When Joseph Abbott was born in 1723 in King and Queens, Virginia, his father Captain John Abbott was 22 and his mother Elizabeth was 22. He married Frances Sears on November 12, 1741and they had 17 children together. He died in 1788 at the age of 65.
Benjamin (1743-1805)
William Isaac (1746-1848)
Richard (1748-1849)
Leonard (1750-)
John (1754-1840) ** our ancestor
Mary (1756-)
Moses (1758-1816)
Fleming (1760-1840)
Annie (1762-1808)
Sarah (1764-1778)
Elizabeth (1766-1853)
Joseph (1770-1811)
Frances (1772-1795)
Martha Patty (1775-1844)
Rachel (1776-)
Jesse C. (1778-1845)
Moody (1787-1862)



“…being in perfect sence & memory & calling to mind the uncertainty of this transitory life…” To my wife Frances Abbott my hole estate both real & personal during her natural life or widowhood except that tract of land where my son William lives on which contains 150 ac, but if she should marry I give her the third part of my estate. To my son Benjamin Abbott is current money. To my son William Abbot the tract of land where he now lives (150 ac) which is the greater pt. of that tract of land I had from Isaac Linch to him & his heirs forever. To my son Richard Abbott my house & plantation whereon I now live containing 150 ac to him & his heirs forever. To my son Lennard Abbott 100 ac. adjoining to the same tract of land lying on the Timber branch to him & his heirs forever. To my son Moody Abbott the remainder of my lands to him & his heirs forever. To my three young sons namely John, Moses & Flemmon a negro wench named Fan, and all my stock of horses to be sold & the money equally divided amongst them all at the decease of myself & my wife. To my four youngest daus. namely Mary, Elizabeth, Frances and Paty 1 negro girl named Hanar & her increase to be sold by my Exrs. or Admrs, & the money divided amongst them all to them & their heirs forever. To my three oldest daus. namely Anney, Sarah & Rachel & also to my son Joseph Abbott 1 negro fellow named Landon to be sold & the money equally divided amongst them four at the decrease of myself & my wife. Likewise the rest & residue of stock I leave to be equally divided amongst my youngest boys beginning at William Abbott. Likewise all my household & furniture I give to my wife Frances Abbott to dispose of as she should best see cause amongst her children.

Exr/ wife Frances Abbott, son William Abbott, & Nathaniel Manning
WD 30 March 1787 s/ Joseph (+) Abbott
Wit/ Ambrose Estes, John Stanly
WP 27 Oct 1788
Sec/ Edward Parker, John Fulkerson. Reserving liberty for Nataniel Manning the other Exr. to join inprobate where he shall think fit Halifax County Virginia..Will Book 2…1783-1792

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