George Abbott 9th Great Grandfather


George Abbott

George Abbott was born in 1631  England and came to New England with his father’s family, probably about 1642, lived at Rowley, Essex Co., Massachusetts about 14 years, when, in 1655, he settled in that part of Andover, afterwards North Andover, but now Andover Center. He was a husbandman and tailor, very thrifty and industrious, and, for that day, was financially well off, being, according to the tax list, one of the wealthiest men in Andover. He was a member of Sgt. James Osgoods Militia Co., 1658-9, and according to the Essex Co. Court record, had previously been a member of Sgt. Stevens Co., the custom being for the citizens of Andover to petition the court to confirm their choice of a sergeant. He was made a Freeman May 19, 1669, and was elected Constable June 3, 1680 “for ye north end of ye town for ye year ensuing.” He probably held other town offices but the records are not sufficiently explicit to tell, there being so many George Abbotts.
He was much respected, and for many years had charge of the North Meeting House, Andover; the pulpit was cushioned at an early day, and by a vote to give him the use fo a part of the Parsonage lands for his services in repairing the meeting house, he agreed to “Mend ye pulpit cushions, and to get ye meetinghouse lock mended; in 1675 he was paid for “sweeping ye meetinghouse and ringing ye bell, thirty shillings per annum; “June 1, 1676, he was sold 9 acres “of upland on ye north side of Joseph Marbles’ land; provided it not be prejudicial to Richard Barker, and he is to pay for it nine pounds in sweeping the meetinghouse and ringing ye bell at 30 shillings per annum.
It was custom at one time to beat the drum for the signal for service and daily labor, “and none but a sober and industrious man could be chosen for such duties. Abbott probably had charge in all, about 30 years, some of his sons temporarily taking his place about the time of his death.
He died interstate, Andover, MA, Mar 22, 1688-9, age about 58 years. His widow Sarah was married by Rev. Francis Dane, Aug 1, 1689 to Sgt. Henry Ingalls, born England about 1627, son of Edward and Anna, probably of Lincolnshire, Eng. who settled in Lynn, MA 1629, progenitors of the late Hon. J. J. Ingalls, U.S. Senator for Kansas. They both died in Andover, he Feb 8, 1718-19, age 92, and she in 1728, age 90 years.  He was elected as Constable on 3 Jun 1680 in Andover, Essex Co., MA.  He died on 22 Mar 1688/89 in Woodstock, Windham Co., CT.  Parents: George ABBOTT and Hannah CHANDLER.
Spouse: Sarah FARNHAM. George ABBOTT and Sarah FARNHAM were married on 26 Apr 1658 in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA.  George Abbott was married in Ipswich, Essex Co., MA by “Mr. Bradstreet,” April 26, 1658, to Sarah Farnum. Children were: George ABBOTT, Sarah ABBOTT,John ABBOTT, Mary ABBOTT, Deacon Nehemiah ABBOTT, Hannah ABBOTT, Mehitable ABBOTT,Lydia ABBOTT, Samuel ABBOTT, Mehitable ABBOTT.
From:  COON-KUHN – STEADMAN Connections, url:


Sarah Furnham 9th Great Grandmother

Sarah’s father and mother sailed from Southampton, England on April 6, 1635, in the brig James, and after a voyage of 58 days, landed in Boston Mass.

The settled in Andover for a short time then moved to Dracut, Mass. They may have been from Welsh ancestry according to Major Abbott’s research, the Farnum’s were a strong family with many of its early members taking a prominent part in the early public affairs of the country. There was Brig. General James M. Farnum of Revolutionary war fame.

General Joseph Farnum was a Captain during the Revolutionary war and for 16 years of members of congress, during which time he was speaker of the House for 4 years and a U.S. Senator for 6 years.

Then there was Capt. John Farnum of the French and Indian and several other Farnum’s in the Revolutionary War.

George, through whom we are descended, was born in England about 1631.  He immigrated with his parents as a youth of about 10 years old.

“He was a husbandman and tailor, very thrifty and industrious, and for that day was financially well off, being according to the tax list one of the five wealthiest men of Andover.”  (Gen and Fam Hist)  He was in the militia under Seargent James Osgood 1658-1659.  He was made a Freeman May 19,  1669.  He was elected Constable on June 3, 1680.  He was very resprected in his community which is evident by the responsibilities and positions to which he was elected.



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