Timothy Reagan 1660-1714 7th Great Grandfather


Flag of Irland

It seems that Timothy Reagan came to America for political and religious reasons.

In the late 1600 Lord Protector Oliver Cornwall from England and wales began a brutal campaign of destruction and death for Ireland.  In August 1649 he landed at Ringsend, Ireland with his troops, 8,000 infantry and 4,000 cavalry.  He intended to relieve the parliament army in the town of Dublin and to complete the conquest of Ireland.

After taking Drogheda in Ireland, he ordered the slaughter of most of the garrison and the transportation of the remaining survivors to Barbados Islands.  Then he immediately sent one half of the army to take the southern province (Ulster) while he took the other half of the army to take the southern province (Munster). After a brutal campaign, Lord Protector Oliver Cornwell and his army had reduced all the opposition there, but I.t had also reduced the country to a state of hunger, disease and misery. The O’ Riagan families who had lived in the province of Munster for generations were directly in the path of Cromwell’s campaign. Untold numbers were killed, driven off their lands, starved to death or driven into exile.

Of five brothers of the O’Riagan family only two managed to reach America. One settled in Maryland/Pennsylvaniana area and the other settled in Virginia/North Carolina area. Both families dropped the “O” after arrival here. The old family name was changed to a new family  name, RAGAN. During the nineteenth century an “e” was added to the family name…REAGAN. The families still retains both spellings.

Timothy Reagan 1

Timothy married Mary Lary November 24, 1703 in St. Margaret’s Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.


In the Name of God Amen I Mary Ragan of Arnl County in the province of Maryland being weak in Body but of sound Memory like food to God do Nineteenth day of December in the year of Our Lord God One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Two years and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner of allowing that is to say… Item I give my son  One Shilling Item I give my son Timothy Ragen One Shilling Item I give my son Rezin Ragen One Shilling Item I give my son Cornelius Ragen a cargo chest Item I give my daughter Eloanor Ragen all my pewter and all my iron potts and all Bed and Furniture that I Lye on and one Cow and Calf Item I give all the remainder of my estate after my just Debts is paid to my son Cornelius Ragen and my Daughter Elenor Ragen to be equally divided. And Lastly I Constituts and ordain my son Cornelius Ragen and my Daughter Eleanor Ragen to be my whole and sole executor and letter of this my Last Will and Testament In Will for where of Mothered Mary Ragen have to this my last Will and Testament this my hand and soul first above Written Signed Sealed and Published| tho proved of us who were | her present at the Signing and | Mary O Ragan [Seal] sealing thereof | Mark Brice Worthington| Celeb Dorsey Jr.
On the 23rd Day of January 1764 Came Mr. Brice Thomas Boals Worthington One of the Subscribing Witnesses to the written Will who being duly and solomnly sworn any Holy Evangelist of Almighty God that he did see the Testama sign and Seal the written Will and board him to publish pronounced and declared the name to be her last Will and Testament and that at the time of her so doing she wants the cash of his appraisal of a sound and displaying mind and memory and that so did subscribing his name as a witness to the subwill in the province of this said testama and that he did also see Caleb Dorsey jr. and the other subscribing witness to the said will subscribe his name as a witness to the said will also in the prosoned of the said testama.

Said before,

Gen. Dairge Dy Croning AA County

Source: ‘Book of Ragan/Reagan,’ Donald B. Reagan, 1993, p 7. Maryland Wills 764, Book 6, p 101.

Timothy Reagan (1660 – 1714)
7th great-grandfather

John Reagan (1711 – 1767) *****our ancestor
son of Timothy Reagan

Timothy Reagan (1750 – 1825)
son of John Reagan

Richard Reagan (1776 – 1829)
son of Timothy Reagan

Daniel Wesley Reagan (1803 – 1892)
son of Richard Reagan

Richard Reason Reagan (1830 – 1912)
son of Daniel Wesley Reagan

Nancy Elizabeth Reagan (1849 – 1931)
daughter of Richard Reason Reagan

Martha Elizabeth Abbott/Whitaker/Goode (1872 – 1911)
daughter of Nancy Elizabeth Reagan

Ben Cates Goode (1909 – 1980)
son of Martha Elizabeth Abbott/Whitaker/Goode

Evelyn Deloris Goode
You are the daughter of Ben Cates Goode

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