Martha Jane Huskey 5th Great Grandmother

Martha Jane Huskey

Dec. 9, 1756
Wake County
North Carolina, USA
Sevier County
Tennessee, USA

The little settlement of White Oak Flats, nestled in the Great Smokey Mountains on the south end of Sevier County, Tennessee was “Pioneered by Martha Jane “Huskey” Ogle”
Martha Jane Huskey and her husband William “Billy” Ogle
are a great part of “Sevier County History”

Martha was born in Wake County, North Carolina. She was the daughter of John Frederick Huskey and Rebecca Washington-Huskey.

Martha Jane Huskey married William “Billy” Ogle, he was born in New Castle, Delaware and was the son of Thomas Ogle and Elizabeth “Robeson” Ogle.

Martha Jane Huskey and William “Billy” Ogle married in 1778 in North Carolina. Martha and William had the following Children;

1. Hercules “Hike” Ogle
2. Rebecca Ogle
3. Thomas J. Ogle    ****our ancestor
4. John “Johnny” Ogle
5. Isaac “Shucky” Ogle
6. William “Black Bill” Ogle
7. Mary Ann Ogle

Historical “Ogle Cabin”-tarted by William “Billy” Ogle and finished by Matha Jane Huskey-Ogle her son’s and other family members

Martha’s husband, William “Billy” Ogle, came to Tennessee from South Carolina and was among one of the first to permanently settle in the Gatlinburg area. It is said that William Ogle hunted with the Indian friends in the area and decided to build a Cabin and move his family there. With help from the local Cherokee, he cut and hewed logs to build Cabin. He returned to South Carolina to retrieve his family. William had to grow a crop, in order to bring supplies for the family’s survival an epidemic of malaria broke out and William “Billy” Ogle died of the fever Around 1803-1807 Martha Jane Huskey-Ogle her children and her brother Peter Huskey and several other family members, journeyed to the area now called Gatlinburg to complete her late husband “William “Billy” Ogle Dream”. They found the waiting logs and Martha’s son’s Built the Ogle Cabin.It still stands today in the Great Smokey Mountains *Historical Ogle Cabin

After the death of William, Martha took her five sons and two daughters for a short visit with relatives in Virginia. Her brother, Peter Huskey, and his family then accompanied them on their long trip to the East Tennessee area to establish their home

According to the church minutes of “Fork of Little Pigeon Church”, Martha Ogle was the one of the group of people from White Oak Flats Community that asked the Fork of Little Pigeon Church to establish a church in White Oak Flats as an arm of the church in Sevierville in December 1817.

“Smoky Mountain Clans”, Donald B. Reagan, 1974, p 37-38.
“Sevier County, Tennessee and Its Heritage”, 1994, p 229.
“Mountain Ways”, Gene Aiken, 1983, p 3.

White Oak Flats cemantery

This is the second view of White Oak Flats Cemetery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Originally called the White Oak Flats settlement due to the abundant white oak trees in the valley, Gatlinburg was settled by English, Scotch, Irish, and Scotch-Irish immigrants in the early 1800s, with the cemetery dating back to around 1830. The serene, tree lined graveyard nestled above the bustling Parkway in downtown Gatlinburg contains the gravesites of many of Gatlinburg’s earliest settlers and prominent citizens.
Names include Ogle, Huskey, McCarter, Maples, Reagan and Whaley; the first families to settle the valley of the Little Pigeon River and its tributaries. Most heads of households during the early 1800s were Revolutionary War veterans. They came here to claim title to 50-acre tracts of land allotted to each for their patriotic service.
A middle-aged widow, Martha Jane Huskey Ogle, was the first official settler here, settling on the land earned by her husband, who died before he could move here with his family. Nonetheless, Martha Jane led her family across the Smoky Mountains to start a new life in what Billy Ogle had described as a “Land of Paradise” in what is now East Tennessee. She is buried in White Oak Flats Cemetery.
Ogle Family Lore – Smokey Mt Clans

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Ogle Cabin2



Newspaper climping

Martha Jane Huskey (1756 – 1826)
5th great-grandmother
Thomas J Ogle Sr (1784 – 1862)
son of Martha Jane Huskey
Nancy Ogle (1810 – 1844)
daughter of Thomas J Ogle Sr
Richard Reason Reagan (1830 – 1912)
son of Nancy Ogle
Nancy Elizabeth Reagan (1849 – 1931)
daughter of Richard Reason Reagan
Martha Elizabeth Abbott/Whitaker/Goode (1872 – 1911)
daughter of Nancy Elizabeth Reagan
Ben Cates Goode (1909 – 1980)
son of Martha Elizabeth Abbott/Whitaker/Goode
Evelyn Deloris Goode
You are the daughter of Ben Cates Goode

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