Thomas Edward Ogle, 6th Great Grandfather

Thomas Edward Ogle Sr.


Second son of John Ogle III and Elizabeth Robinson (Ball?) was born July 25, 1721 in New Castle, DE.


Born: 25 Jul 1721

Died: Before Mar 1803


1721    Thomas Ogle born as second son of John Ogle III (1690-1741) and Elizabeth Robinson Ogle (1700-1743) on 25 July, 1721, in New Castle, DE. There were tobacco farmers and millers and had nine children. His great-grandfather was John Ogle (1649-1684), the first Ogle to immigrate to America and prodiginator of the Ogle Family in America.


1749    John Ogle, first son is born.

1749    Thomas, Jr., second son is born in 1749 in New Castle, DE.

1749    Hercules Ogle , third son of Thomas is born in 1749, in New Castle, DE.

1756    William B. Ogle, foruth son of Thomas is born in 1756 in New Castle, DE.

1757    Sarah Ogle, first daughter of Thomas is born in New Castle, DE.

1761    Elizabeth Ogle, second daughter of Thomas is born in March in New Castle, DE.

1764    Thomas Ogle married to Elizabeth Robeson, Trinity Church, (Wilmington) New Castle County, Delaware (1)

1763    Thomas Ogle (42) , two of his brothers, Hercules (32) and John (40), and his sister Lucretia (30) and husband Abraham Stround moved from Delaware to Southwest Virginia. (1)

1964    Thomas Ogle and family moved across the border from VA to NC because of troubles with the Indians.(1)

1764    Hannah Ogle, third daughter of Thomas is born in Rowan County, NC.

1760    15 Jul.   Deed from – Andrew Smith & wife Anna to Thomas Ogle, groom, for 60 pounds, 320 acres on Cabin Creek on East side of Gunsmith’s path, Rowan County, VA. Deed granted 15 July 1760.  Recorded 21 July 1764.  Tests:  George Magsune, William McConnell. Salisbury, Rowan County, NC, Deed Book 6, page 164. (1)   In the Deed, Thomas’s is described as a groom who cares for horses.

1768    John Ford’s Tax List of Taxables for 1768 in Rowan County, NC, listed Thomas Ogles. (1)

1769    23 May. Thomas Ogle sold 67 acres on Little River, a branch of New River, to William Murphy.  This deed was duly recorded in Augusta County, Virginia. (1)

1770   James Ogle, fifth son of Thomas is born 19 Nov 1770, in Rowan, NC.

1772    Thomas Ogle appears with three tithables: himself and two oldest sons: John and Thomas, on the New River Tithables List compiled by Mary B. Kegley in 1771. (1)

1775    John and Hercules Ogle served in the Montgomery County Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War, under Captain Jonathan Isom. Although it is not proven, it is believed that William and Thomas, Jr. also served. William, Hercules and Thomas did not sign the oath of allegiance. There is no evidence that William served in the war, but family tradition says he did. It is said that William’s trip to Tennessee at the turn of the century was to scout land he received for his war service.

1782    Thomas Ogle is listed as 1 tithable, no slaves, three horses, 13 cattle and owning land in the 1782 tax list of Montgomery County, Virginia. (1)

1790    17 Apr. In Montgomery County, Virginia-Circa 1790, transcribed and edit by Nettie Schreiner-Yantis, the “Personal Property Tax List A-1789” gives this information:  “27 Apr 1790-Thomas Ogle with 1 white males-16 years to 21 years, no slaves, and six horses.” The one white male listed above would be the youngest son, James Ogle. (1)

1793       18 Feb. Thomas Ogle deeded 100 acres of the Cabin Creek property to son Thomas Ogle.

30 Jul.   Thomas Ogle deeded 120 acres of the Cabin Creek property to son Hercules Ogle.

19 Oct . Thomas Ogle deeded 100 acres of Cabin Creek property to son William Ogle. (1)

1789       Thomas Ogle bought 140 acres of land on both sides of Little Reed Island Creek, 27 Nov 1789 from Thomas Black according to the Montgomery County, Virginia Survey Book “D”.  This area was part of Grayson County, Virginia, when Thomas Ogle died.  Today it is in Carroll County, Virginia.  (1)

1801       Thomas Ogle and his wife, Elizabeth deeded the 2140 acres on Little Reed Island Creek to their youngest son, James Ogle on 10 Jan 1801.  The deed was proven in March 1803 after Thomas Ogle’s death. (1)

1802       Mar. Thomas Ogle’s will was dated 2 March 1802

1803       March.   Thomas Ogle died in March 1783. The will was probated at the March Court, 1803, in Grayson County, Virginia.  In his will, he mentions his wife Elizabeth and names his children.  There is no land mentioned.  Elizabeth is to have all movable property and each son and daughter is to have one dollar with the exception of Hannah who is willed one cow. (1)

Thomas Ogle and his wife, Elizabeth, are believed to be buried in the large Ogle Cemetery on Peavine Ridge just outside of Hillsville. (1)


His Family’s Movements

–  John moved from Edgefield, SC to Kentucky when he and his wife are buried. His children later moved to Missouri.

–  Thomas, Jr. lived in Rowan Co, NC until the 1780 when they moved to Wilkes Co, GA and then to Edgefield SC

–  Hercules lived in Montgomery Co, VA, Rowan Co, NC, Wilkes Co, GA , Edgefield SC and the settled in Grainger Co, TN.

–  William lived in Rowan Co, NC, Wilkes Co, GA, and Settled in Edgefield District, SC. After his death, Martha Jane moved the family to Sevier Co, TN.

–  James’s family lived in Georgia for a while, and then returned to Grayson Co, VA.


  1. Smoky Mountain Clans, Donald B. Reagan, 1978, p 129-130.


Thomas Edward Ogle sr (1721 – 1803)
6th great-grandfather
William “Billy” Ogle (1754 – 1803)
son of Thomas Edward Ogle sr
Thomas J Ogle Sr (1784 – 1862)
son of William “Billy” Ogle
Nancy Ogle (1810 – 1844)
daughter of Thomas J Ogle Sr
Nancy Elizabeth Reagan (1849 – 1931)
daughter of Richard Reason Reagan
Ben Cates Goode (1909 – 1980)
son of Martha Elizabeth Abbott/Whitaker/Goode
Evelyn Deloris Goode
You are the daughter of Ben Cates Goode

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