Col.Thomas Jefferson Goode 4th Great Uncle

Thomas Jefferson Goode-Continental Soldier
Posted 03 May 2018 by EvelynMiller1939
The following is summerized from THE HOUSE OF GOODE by Louise Goode Shannon.
On 26 February 1776 at the age of sixteen, Thomas Goode enlisted as a private with the Continental Forces. He was assigned to Capt. Samuel Hopkins’ Company of Col. Mordecai Buckner’s Sixth Virginia Regiment for a term of two years. He stated that he entered the war with zeal and quit, he conscientiously believes, with honor and credit to himself. Thomas was discharged on 26 February 1778. Later he would be posthumously honored with a historical marker on the site of his Covington, Tennessee home. According to his records he was hospitalized at Trenton and was at Yorktown when Corwallis surrendered in October 1781. He was discharged at Valley Forge.
Thomas and Sarah married on 29 May 1753. Thirty years later in 1783, they moved to Rutherford County, North Carolina to be near Sarah’s widowed mother, who had moved earlier. Thomas owned and operated a water mill, being situated on Floyd’s and Dilles Creek. The mill was used to grind corn into cornmeal for himself and neighbors. The neighbors would pay Thomas with a percentage of the corn or the meal. He then exchanged that for cash with those who had not planted a corn crop.
On August 9, 1805 Thomas sold all his land to Robert Goode and Barnett Seay, and the family moved to Jefferson County, Alabama. By the fall of 1826 Thomas and Sarah had moved to Tipton County, Tennessee to the town of Covington. They remained in Covington until their deaths in 1846.
A transcription of Thomas’ will is as follows:
I, Thomas Goode, being very old and infirm in body but of sound mind and memory and wishing to make other and different disposition of my worldly effects, them that regulated by the laws of the land, do make and publish this my last will and testament as follows:
First, I wish all my just debts if any and funeral expenses to be paid out of any money or property of which I may die possessed.
Second, As I have already at different times given to all my children, except those herein after named, their respective full and equal portions of my estate or more, it is my wish and desire that the whole of property and money of which I am at this time possessed, shall be divided to witt. I will and bequeath to my daughter Addilisa Clifton my pied or red and white spotted heifer. To my son Thomas Jefferson Goode I give and bequeath one bedstead, feather bed and furniture, and the white no horn cow. And owing to the present bodily affliction of my daughter Maranda Greer, and as some return for her trouble and the instant kind and affectionate attention she has bestowed both upon myself and her mother during our infirm old age, I will and bequeath to her all the remainder of my property, money, and effects of every kind and description after the satisfaction of the above named bequests embracing my house and lot in Covington to her and her heirs forever, to do with and dispose of as she may think proper.
Lastly, I do hereby appoint my daughter Maranda Greer executrix of this my last will & testament for the due execution of which, it is my wish that she shall not be required by the court to give security to her bond.
In testimony of which I hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this 26th day of November.
Signed & acknowledged in our presence the day and date above written R. H Munfore, R.I. Mitchell.
On June 5, 1993, Thomas was honored with the placing of a historical marker at the site of his home in Covington, Tennessee.

Thomas Jefferson Goode

Col THOMAS Jefferson Sr Goode (1760 – 1846)
4th great-uncle

Edward Goode III (1719 – 1796)
father of Col THOMAS Jefferson Sr Goode

Joseph Goode (1745 – 1828)
son of Edward Goode III

Thomas Goode (1791 – 1858)
son of Joseph Goode

Joshua Goode (1828 – )
son of Thomas Goode

Charles K Goode (1877 – 1946)
son of Joshua Goode

Ben Cates Goode (1909 – 1980)
son of Charles K Goode

Evelyn Deloris Goode
You are the daughter of Ben Cates Goode

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