John Key 5th Great Grandfather

John_ii2 Key (John_i1) was born in Amherst, Virginia 1710. He married Susannah Watts about 1730. Key and Allied Families by Lane page 177. Virginia Genealogist article by Marcus M. Key M.D. Bedford County, Virginia Marriage Records Family Group Sheet submitted by Emma E. Armstrong 54 South 6 East Salt Lake City, Utah University Stake 12th Ward. Virginia Genealogist Volume 18 Number 1 Page 11 The first known residence of John Key, Jr., in old Amherst County was in Lackey’s Thoroughfare, on a branch of Davis Creek. He bought 71 acres there in 1764 from Henry Key, who was identified as his brotheer, and added to it by patents in 1765. Amherst Virginia Deed Book A page 223. Patent Book 36 page 839-840. Joun Key, Jr. and James Lackey were ordered to survey for anew road in the area in 1766. Amherst County, Virginia Order Book 1766-1769 page 14. In 1770 he sold the remainder of this land in Lakcey’s Thoroughfare to John Craighead of Amherst County and bought 59 acres on the south side of Findlay Mountain near the Glades. Deed Book C page 35 37. William Hansbrough, John Key, Jr., and others from this area were ordered to survey for a new road in 1774, and in 1776 there was a referecnce to John Key’s lines near Purgatory Swamp (below Findley Gap). Deed Book D page 337 Deed Book C page 55. John Key Jr was appointed surveyor of the road from Findlay MOuntain across the Glades to Swan Creek Mountain. Order Book 1773-1782 page 187. In November 1777 John and Agnes Key Jr sold their land (Deed Book D page 463) and probably moved to Bedford County soon thereafter, because in 1778 John Ken Jr was replaced as a road surveyor. (Order Book 1773-1782 page 217) The first tax record of John Key (Jr No longer used) in Bedford County in 1782, for six slaves and 427 acres acres, location unknown. Bedford County Personal property and land tax list) In 1783 he purchased 440 acres on the Staunton (upper Roanoke) River in Bedford County, probably near Hales’s Ford Which he and his wife sold to John Hook of Franklin County in 1788. Deed Book 8 page 110. Augusta County Virginia Deed Book page 129 21 Nov 1772 John Keys and Agnes to Walter Smiley Smelly on West side of South River a branch of James River delivered land to Mr Smiley 10 Feb 178. The Virginia Genealogist page 98 The first record of John Key Senior in Amherst County was in 1768, when Henry Key undertook (acted as surety) for him in a lawsuit. Also in 1768, he deeded his personal estate to his present wife Susannah, and her children, which indicated that he had been married previously. Amherst County records show that John Key Senior and the witnesses to his 1768 deed poll were closely associated with Henry Key and John Key, Junior. One of the witnesses William Hansbrough, lived near Henry Key John Key Jr and James Nevill in the Glades of old Amherst County and was the father in law of William Key, a witness with Henry Key and John Key, Jr. to Amherst County deeds in 1770 and 1772. John Rees, the other witness, also lived in this area and in 1767-1768 when he was involved in a lawsuit, Henry undertook for him. The last record of John Key Senior was in 1769 when he initiated a lawsuit in Amherst County Chancery Court. Susannah Key paid taxes on 100 acres in Amherst County in 1783 and 1785 as the head of a family of nine and in the personal property tax list for the Amerhst District corresponding to what is Now Nelson County) of Amherst County, for zero to two and later zero white males between 1782 and 1802. The personal property tax lists for 1788 and 1794 show that she was the mother of Dabney and Thomas. Dabney was probably born about 1767, based on first in the “over 21” column of the tax lists. Susannah Key’s maiden name is said to have been Watts possible the Watts family of Spotsylvania and Albemarle counties, which has many gaps in its genealogy Edward Watts (ca 1675-1750 patented land in St George’s Parish, Spotsylvania County in 1728 andlieft issue: Thomas (1695-1749) Edward ca 1698-1760, David 1702-1767, William 1704-1760 and John 1710=1765. from Charles B Heinemann, Watts Families Descended from early immigrants who settled in the Tidewater area or Virginia. David was a neighbor of John Key Senior of Albemarel County and owned adjoining land in that part of Louisa County which became Albemarle in 1761. Edward Watts was involved ina lawsuit with John Peartree Burks, Robert Davis and Samuel Jordan all Cabell in laws. Amherst County, Virginia Marriage Records John Key Belinda Milstred 15 Jul 1757 Father Martin Key Daughter of Elizabeth Martin Key Jr Not Named 17 Dec 1773 Thomas Key Frances Garrat(Spinster) May 4, 1773 William Waller Key Elizabeth Alford 20 Dec 1790 John Clements Jane Mills Key 20 Auy 1787 (Consent of father Martin Key) James Letcher Milly Key 6 Jan 1771 Father Henry Key John_ii Key and Susannah Watts had the following children: + 6 i. John Iii3 Key was born about 1731. 7 ii. George Key was born in Of Albemarle, Va about 1732. 8 iii. Judith Key was born in Of Albemarle, Va about 1733. 9 iv. Joseph Key was born in Of Albemarle, Va about 1734. 10 v. Price Key was born in , Va 1735. 11 vi. Barbara Ann Key was born in Of Albemarle, Va about 1736. 12 vii. Mildred Key was born in Of Albemarle, Va about 1738. 13 viii. William Waller Key was born in Of Albemarle, Va about 1739. He married Elizabeth Alford in Amherst, Va, December 20, 1790. 14 ix. Elizabeth Key was born in Of Albemarle, Va about 1742. 15 x. Martin Key was born in Of Albemarle, Va about 174

Description of John Key posted on Ancestry by descendant Gene Key
The description given of John Key Born 1696 who married Martha Tandy. This was found in his Revolutionary War Records — “John Key was 6’6″ tall, thin, red complexion and had a Queer Looking Face.” Of course, the word queer had a different meaning back in his day — he just looked different. And, John Key perhaps has more descendents than just about any other Colonial Virginia Key. – Gene Key [10]

Present day “Key West.” This home was built on the site of “Key West” of 1732 which was the home of John and Martha Tandy Key. It is on the banks of the Rivanna River in Charlottesville, Virginia at 405 Key West Drive.

Key West

Chiminey on Key Land pre 1930
John Key Obit

John Key (1696 – 1765)
5th great-grandfather

Martin Tandy Key (1715 – 1791)
son of John Key

William Bibb Key (1759 – 1836)
son of Martin Tandy Key

Margaret Key (1794 – 1880)
daughter of William Bibb Key

Joshua Goode (1828 – )
son of Margaret Key

Charles K Goode (1877 – 1946)
son of Joshua Goode

Ben Cates Goode (1909 – 1980)
son of Charles K Goode

Evelyn Deloris Goode
You are the daughter of Ben Cates Goode

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