About Me

I am not a Genealogist, I only really became interested in my ancestors when my brother convinced me to join the DAR. He had become a member of the SAR and really had done all the research for me. I got an account with Ancestry and began my search. One day I commented on a post of a family member that I was researching and I got this message back that said “Evelyn this is me Brenda” it was a first cousin that I had not seen in many years. We reunited and now enjoy doing research together. My regret is that so much time was lost and there is so much more to find. I now realize that from a seed comes roots for a tree and from that tree comes many branches. In this blog I hope to focus on those many branches that have grown through the years down to me and try to realize where I fit into this great tree. It’s for sure that my ancestors fought a greater fight for this America that we live in than I ever considered. Thanks to all the roots and branches of my tree.  Because of their sacrifice I am able to live in a free society that you fought and died for.

In my life I have received many certificates of recognition and awards for work that I have done with non-profit organizations. But none of them can compare to the satisfaction of knowing where I came from. And I know that there is so much more and so little time to do it. I just hope that this blog will be a start for my descendants to pick up where I leave off and to continue the search for those far reaching branches of people that have the same blood running through their veins that we do

Evelyn Goode Miller